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草本日霜當中珍貴的成份,有效調理皮膚,促進膠原蛋白增生及修復受損細胞. 其能增強水分屏障的同時更為皮膚保濕。持續使用,有效收細毛孔,皮膚緊緻白嫩。





Day cream has toning and anti-aging properties,and also can  for boosting the production of collagen and repairing damaged skin cells, hydrate the skin while reinforcing its moisture barrier. 


Suitable for all skin type


Usage: After cleansing, apply directly to the face and gently pat until absorbed. Then use Opuntia Serum  for better result.

草本賦活日霜 Herbal Energizing Day Cream

  • 30ml



    Main Ingredients: Almond extract, White peony root extract, Baiwei extract

    Key Features: Skin brightening / Skin smoothing / Anti-inflammatory

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