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適用於任何皮膚 , 特別是敏感皮膚




Night cream contains natural herbs: Ginseng, Saffron and Pueraria, extracting active ingredients to help the skin absorb the energy needed during nighttime maintenance, so that it has enough vitality to repair and reserve the protective substances needed every other day. It protects against external stimuli and shows firming and bright muscle age.


Suitable for all skin type


Usage: After cleansing, apply directly to the face and gently pat until absorbed. Then use Goji Serum  for better result .

草本修護晚霜 Herbal Repair Night Cream

  • 30ml

    主要功效:亮白肌膚、抑制黑色素、 預防細紋產生

    Main Ingredients: Pueraria lobata root extract, Ginseng extract, Licorice extract, Saffron extract

    Key Features: Skin brightening / Inhibiting melanin / Anti-wrinkle

    Key Features: Dissolves facial dirt / Replenishes moisture

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