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胭脂掌萃取具有加速傷口癒合,刺激皮膚新陳代謝,,極高抗氧化效果。此外,胭脂掌提取物也能促進人體正常纖維細胞的擴散再生,能治療各種皮膚問題, 更能為敏感皮膚帶來新體驗。適用於任何皮膚,特別是敏感皮膚


用法 : 潔面後, 可直接塗於臉上, 並輕拍至吸收,随後可配合使用蘆薈高效保濕霜。

Rouge palm extract aids in wound healing, enhances skin metabolism, and exhibits strong antioxidant properties. It promotes the proliferation and regeneration of normal human fibroblasts, effectively addressing various skin concerns, delivering a new experience for sensitive skin. Suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin.

Usage: Apply one to two drops on desired areas of the face.

胭脂掌精華素 Opuntia Serum

  • 主要成份 : 胭脂掌提取物、洋甘菊提取物、松莖提取物、栀子提取物 

    主要功效 : 滲透補濕、舒緩敏感、修復受損細胞

    Main Ingredients: Rouge palm extract, Chamomile extract, Pine stalk extract, Cape Jasmine fruit extract

    Key Features: Boosts skin's hyaluronic acid levels, supports cell repair, and helps smooth dehydrated skin.

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