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強大的天然活性成分 -松樹樹皮提取物、紅球藻提取物,含豐富維他命及抗氧化成分,保護細胞膜免受自由基傷害, 亦可在短時間内提高細胞補水度, 擊退倦容。


同時產品內含多種生長因子, 強效增生肌膚所需的天然蛋白質, 包含膠原蛋白, 有效地提高肌膚緊實度與彈性. 適用於任何皮膚 , 特別是敏感皮膚




A powerful natural formula infused with collagen and elastin boosters, to restore the skin . The brand -new skincare ingredients, enriched with natural carotenoid pigments, provides a powerful biological antioxidant.


It slips into dermal cells of the deepest skin layers easily, where it neutralizes dangerous free radicals. For a fresh, healthy and wrinkle -free look.

Suitable for all skin type


Usage: After cleansing, apply directly to the face and gently pat until absorbed. 

緊緻膠原蛋白霜 Youth Activating Cream

  • 30ml

    主要成份:松樹樹皮提取物- 碧蘿芷 / 紅球藻提取物 -蝦青素 /天然膠原蛋白/ 甘草提取物/ 透明質酸

    主要功效:提高細胞補水度、 膠原蛋白增生 、抗皺緊緻

    Main Ingredients: Pine Bark Extract / Haematococcus Extract / Natural Collagen / Licorice extract / Hyaluronic acid 

    Key Features: Improve cell hydration / Collagen hyperplasia / Skin firming

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